Patricia Wentworth

The Fingerprint

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This is a whodunnit crime novel that follows Georgina, who had found her beloved Uncle Jonathon's murdered body. Instinctively, she had picked up the murder weapon, a revolver, but in doing so had become the prime suspect. Georgina believed she would inherit a large fortune on her Uncle's death, but Uncle Jonathan had a second, secret will, and the beneficiary is the wide-eyed, innocent looking Mirrie Fields. But there was also the mystery of the missing fingerprint. It had been the showpiece of Uncle Jonathan's collection and he often enjoyed telling the story of how he had acquired it from a self-confessed murderer, who was still at large. When the old man was shot, the print had been torn from its album. Is the missing fingerprint the murderer's? Maud Silver is determined to find out
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