Quotes from “Convenience Store Woman” by Sayaka Murata

being a married member of society. Everyone will assume you’re a sexually active, respectable human being. That’s the image of you that pleases them most.
hands, my feet—they existed only for the store! For the first time, I could think of the me in the window as a being with meaning.
its sounds quivered with meaning, the vibrations speaking directly to my cells, like music to my ears.
I no longer knew what standard to live by.
I was cut off from the world.
There were numerous sounds in the apartment, from Shiraha’s voice to the hum of the refrigerator, but my ears heard only silence. The sounds of the convenience store that had previously filled me to overflowing had now left my body. I was cut off from the world.
But I was now left out of that flow of time I thought.
Every time I looked at the clock, I would think about what was happening in the convenience store.
That’s the image of you that pleases them most. Isn’t it wonderful?”
So that was it: now that she thinks he’s “one of us” she can lecture him. She’s far happier thinking her sister is normal, even if she has a lot of problems, than she is having an abnormal sister for whom everything is fine. For her, normality—however messy—is far more comprehensible.
And I don’t even know what it is I need to be cured of.”
Society has reached the stage in which not being of any use to the village means being condemned just for existing.
contemporary society is dysfunctional.
I’m not capable of working anywhere else except the convenience store. I did give it a go, but it turns out the convenience store worker mask is the only one I’m fit to wear. So if people don’t accept that, I have no idea what I can do about it.”
I wish she’d given me clear instructions before, then I wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths to find out how to be normal.
The specific form of what is considered an “ordinary person” had been there all along, unchanged since prehistoric times I finally realized.
already ingrained in everyone’s heads, and there wasn’t any need to put it in writing.
So the manual for life already existed. It
Deep down I wanted some kind of change. Any change, whether good or bad, would be better than the state of impasse I was in now.
You eliminate the parts of your life that others find strange
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