David MacDill

Secret Societies

77 printed pages
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  • Станислав Зиминhas quoted4 years ago
    think it strange that men of sense should employ such titles. They would be ridiculous even applied to the greatest and best man that ever lived. They are more ridiculous than the bombastic titles given to civil officers in barbarous countries.
  • Станислав Зиминhas quoted4 years ago
    Almost every officer among the Masons has some great title. There is the Grand Tyler, Grand Steward, Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, Grand Chaplain, and Grand Master. The Lodge itself is grand, and, of course, every thing and every body connected with it are grand.
  • Станислав Зиминhas quoted4 years ago
    maintain, however, that secret societies are responsible for the vain boasting of their members. They claim that their members are a chosen board, a select few, who, by virtue of their association, are superior to the rest of mankind.
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