A.C. Meyer

Crazy For You

Attention: this book contains high amounts of romance, hilarious moments, sensuous boys and the most wonderful BFF of all time…
Julie has two big dreams: sing professionally and get Daniel to see her as a woman. He is the charming owner of the trendy bar After Dark, a guy that avoids commitment though being ready for one night stands. On a busy night, there's no singer at the bar to get on with the musical program, and Julie is put on stage leading the band by one of Daniel's partners in order to sort out the problem. However the voice and presence of the new singer captivate the people…as well as the heartthrob. Dying of jealousy, Daniel will do anything to take Julie away from the spotlights and give his real love a try. He was blindsided by the insisting advances from Alan, the sexy band guitar man, who is ready to do anything to conquer our girl's heart. Is Julie's dream finally going ahead with Daniel or her real prince charming is the sensuous guitar man?
218 printed pages
Original publication



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