Vishal Jain,Nirmal Hota,Tadit Dash

Learn Vue.js in 7 Days: Journey through Vue.js

Vue.js is one of the quickly growing Javascript frameworks, which can be used in any scale of the project to help the stakeholders in rapid application development process. The good thing with Vue.js is that it is lightweight and can also be integrated with the existing project. It saves the development time and also enables managed HTML interface using Javascript.
When you have this book in your hand, it will keep shaping your understanding in Vue.js as you move forward chapter by chapter. On the first day, you will get your basic questions answered like what is Vue.js, history and it’s underlying concepts. Moreover, it will take you through basic environment setup and running your first app using Bue.js. By this time, the reader must have gained a fair knowledge on Vue.js.
With the concepts you grasped in the first chapter, the chapters ahead are designed according to your understanding so that you get started with basic structuring of html pages using Vue.js and end up with a pro coder as you see advance concepts illustrated very neatly.
At the seventh day, you will learn essential concepts of modern day web development like Routing, State Management and Single Page Application concepts that will enable you to start thinking Vue.js as an ingredient form you production apps
Last, but not least, the book presents an appendix for a comparative view of Vue.js framework with similar JS framework.
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  • DKhas quoted3 years ago
    Vue is a UI based framework built on top of JavaScript. It works on the UI layer of the web applications.
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