Connect The Dots, Mary

Connect The Dots

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Connect The Dots is a memoir which I have broken down into two parts: Part 2, The End To The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life. Part 1, The Beginning To The End Of Life As I Knew It.

My life story describes in detail the methodical manipulation process and mind games brought onto me by two players in particular, which as a result, sent me into a state of mania, which then triggered the aspect of my having Bipolar Disorder and being diagnosed at age 35.

Eleven years later, I have had three episodes total. Due to the bizarre and erratic behavior I exhibited during my second episode, several people within my community viewed me as “evil” and went out of their way to ostracize me.

I was a very involved mother at my children's public school. My illness caused me to be excommunicated from the school, conspired against by countless people within my community, falsely accused and arrested for a crime I did not commit, and discriminated against due to my religious beliefs and for believing I was a lesbian.

My real life story will expose just how deep people's ignorance goes on the subject of mental illness and how fast and far hatred spreads due to ignorance, and how very lethal ignorance is capable of becoming. My memoir is unique in the fact that I remember in detail, everything that took place during the period of time while in a state of psychosis. I never drank one drop of alcohol, nor did I take any drugs, so my memories of conversations and events are crystal clear.

I reached the point of wanting to commit suicide and even entertained the idea of taking my children and myself to the place of never waking up. I didn't do that because I believed there were hidden cameras watching and recording each and every move I made. Every form of media was sending messages to me and me alone.

My goal in writing my memoir is to finally, after over six years, seize the opportunity to reveal the truth to members in my community, as well as to false friends who have walked away from me. Most importantly, on a much broader scale, I would like to educate people without mental illness and to give a voice to those of us who do.

This topic is currently at the forefront of everybody's minds due to the large number of mass shootings brought about by people who suffer from mental illness. I guarantee my story will be like nothing you have ever read before and will raise awareness on what a person is thinking, feeling, and experiencing while in the grips of this crippling mind disorder. My life experiences will shed light into the darkness of mental illness and will help people to better understand how to help a person suffering with this nonsensical disorder known as bipolar.

I believe your mind will be intrigued and entertained as it plays the game of “Connect The Dots” as you join me in my journey.

It has been said that everything happens for a reason. Let this be my reason. It is my greatest hope, desire, dream, and prayer that this body of work will be used as a stepping stone towards the light at the end of the tunnel…
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