The World's Worsts, Les Krantz
Les Krantz

The World's Worsts

346 printed pages
A hilarious collection of the lowest of the lows – from the worst generals to the dumbest dogs, the shortest Hollywood marriages to the most dangerous golf courses.
The World's Worsts is the latest compendium of quirky information and vamped–up trivia from Pop Culture guru Les Krantz. This entertaining and utterly addictive reference taps into the dark side of human nature and the less–than–stellar and perhaps best forgotten moments in history.
Drew Barrymore makes the Top–10 Shortest Celebrity Marriage list TWICE!
#4 Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas – 19 days
#7 Drew Barrymore and Tom Green – 5 months
Worst Military Leaders
#2 Philip VI of France (1293–1350)
Lost 4000 (one–third of his force) to a mere 100 English soldiers in the Battle of Crécy
The World's Dumbest Dogs
#1 Afghan Hound
#7 Beagle
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