Denise Turney

Rosetta The Talent Show Queen

Rosetta is a ten-year-old pigtailed girl whose heart is full of courage, laughter and confidence. She's in the fifth grade at Harriet Tubman School. This spunky kid's mind is full of clever ideas, the very ideas that are sure to find Rosetta center stage. More than anything, Rosetta wants to finally outperform Jennifer, her arc nemesis and the school's brainy academic show off. Thanks to Rosetta's brilliant Talent Show ideas, she has her chance to do just that! But, not all goes as planned!
Even before the stage curtains go up, Rosetta has to maneuver her way out of tight spots. Her mother, a gifted painter, and her father, a marketing executive, warn Rosetta about trying to outdo Jennifer, while her older sister, Francine, and her brother, Leroy, bring their own wits, personality and humor to Rosetta's plans. Join the marvelous beginnings of the Rosetta Blay book series with this story, filled with unforgettable characters, that will leave readers laughing, learning, growing and wanting more!
79 printed pages
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