Derek O'Neill


Are you living in abundance, or in a state of lack? Do you see all the riches around you, or are you focused on what you don’t have?

ABUNDANCE: Starts Right Now, part of the GET A GRIP series, takes an innovative and illuminating look at the ways we think of abundance, and how to invite more of it into ours lives. Beyond money, possessions and power, true abundance flows and thrives in your consciousness. It’s a choice, and an ability, to give and receive.

With concise and focused thoughts and ideas, Derek explores the power of creation that lies within your mind, and the courage it takes to embrace abundance. When you begin to access what you really need, truly want and what you can share, the great wealth of existence opens up.

Stop the mentality of scarcity and fear! ABUNDANCE: Starts Right Now will be your guide. Let the journey begin…
33 printed pages
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