Doranna Durgin


Dun Lady's Jess--once a horse, now learning the ways of the human heart: love, betrayal, and deadly revenge.Jess, once a horse called Dun Lady's Jess, is still struggling to integrate her human and equine selves when the wizard Arlen discovers someone in Camolen is callously turning wild creatures into bewildered and maddened human slaves.It's unsettling enough that Camolen's wizards can't find the rogue magic user--but the trouble has just started. A dangerous wizard escapes, Arlen's hold comes under attack, and an entire company of peacekeepers disappears. Jess soon realizes that she and her friends are at the center of events that threaten to leave her trapped helplessly in equine form while her friends fall victim to revenge and the Council of Wizards slowly loses control of Camolen.Other books in this series: Barrenlands, Dun Lady's Jess, Changespell Legacy "e;Doranna Durgin is one of the freshest new voices in fantasy fiction. Her style is clean, uncluttered, and effortless. Changespell is a full-bore, straight-ahead, fast and furious read. I want more!"e; --Jennifer Roberson, author of the Karavans and Sword Dancer series "e;Durgin tells this deeply insightful and touching tale with a deft clarity. Her eye for detail will delight and astonish you…"e; --Hypatia's Hoard Praise for Dun Lady's Jess "e;….Dun Lady's Jess is unique. Durgin has created a character who is utterly believable as both horse and horse-in-human-body…She cannot be, any longer, just another mare…she cannot be, ever, just another woman…"e; --Excerpt from Elizabeth Moon's Forward for Dun Lady's Jess "e;A thrill ride with a fantasy twist, neatly done by a knowledgeable author — short, sweet, and paced at a gallop, Dun Lady's Jess can't help but to win you over."e; --Janny Wurts "e;Horses, heroics, and magic--a great combination! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dun Lady's Jess, a spirited and daring novel."e; --Kristen Britain, the Green Rider "e;Jess is a tale of wonderfully diverse and riveting characters embroiled in extraordinary events, told with a deftness and care few authors can achieve. Once you begin, you won't be able to put it down until you know what happens — and then you'll wish it never stopped."e; --Diana Pharoah Francis, Path of Blood "e;Dun Lady's Jess is an adventure story with heart. It's a unique idea, imaginatively explored. The characters are charming, and humanly flawed… Doranna Durgin offers the reader an unusual viewpoint of impressive versimilitude."e; --Vonda McIntyre, Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author
296 printed pages



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