Lambert Sands

Understanding Male Authority

In a time when patriarchy is scorned as misogyny and considered outdated; where manhood, masculinity, and fatherhood are challenged; and false equality is being paraded as evolved truth, men in the western world are in big big trouble!!

Blinded and confused by what is said in the media and social circles, most men have given up on being leaders. Even in the church, the keys of male and divine authority have been lost in our generation. Very often, we see the two extremes of leadership in operation. We see either brutish male arrogance born out of insecurity and fear, or we see the spirit of the compromiser desperately trying to appease and avoiding confrontation; neither will bring deliverance nor elevate a man.

But, like scripture says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” In this book with God's grace and wisdom, men are taught the truth about who they are and the role they play in the family. They are also taught a forgotten principle that draws God's favor and wisdom. Without it, men will continue to fail as leaders.
152 printed pages
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