David Gillespie,Mark Warren

How To Be Interesting

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An irreverent, colourful guide to becoming more interesting and successful by gaining self-knowledge and building your confidence and charisma In addition to having scads of acting and writing credits between them, actor David Gillespie and writer Mark Warren are co-founders of a unique organization. Called The Speechworks, it is a group of performance-based professionals who draw upon their professional expertise to teach clients—including businesspeople, sports stars, politicians, actors, writers and celebrities—the skills they need to communicate more effectively, to impress others with charisma and find greater success at work and in life. In this wildly funny, irreverent and practical guide they share their proprietary formula for achieving a heightened and sustained level of interestingness.
Practical tips for achieving everyday interestingness, along with personality tests to aid self-knowledge Tons of fascinating quotes, outrageous humour and vibrant visual material—including mindmaps and infographics Everything you need to increase your personal appeal, engage more effectively with those around you and lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life The Speechworks clients include Fortune 500 & FTSE 100 companies, professional bodies, start-ups and SMEs, charities, politicians and sports personalities
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    How do I look?
    The first point of interest is not necessarily how tall, short, wide, narrow
    or physically attractive we are but the signals our physicality sends out.
    Apparently, posture and gesture account for around 50% of the messages
    we communicate
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    Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said “Your brand is what people say
    about you when you are not in the room”.
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    According to what we’ve been discussing, the solution
    is to spend time building up the four sources of confidence. Looking at
    each, we could start with a few simple steps using the four sources of
    (Source 1) Remind ourselves of what we’ve achieved, regularly.
    (Source 2) Model ourselves on those we admire – what are they doing
    well that we can emulate?
    (Source 3) Get into the habit of seeking feedback from others – if it’s

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