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75 Ways To Tell if Your Man is NOT a Keeper

Women always want to look good. And looking good starts with a fresh face and slayed hair. Whether it be straight or natural, no woman wants to have a bad hair day. If only there was a guide to help women make the right choices for beautiful, strong, and healthy hair without breaking the bank. In Hair Therapy, Trichologist, Dr. Tiffany Anderson does just that! In this prescriptive manual, Dr. Anderson offers advice from deciding to go natural and committing to the big chop, to hair care regimens, dealing with hair loss and which products to use and avoid, as well as handling various scalp disorders. If you're looking for tips on maintaining healthy, beautiful hair, this book is for you.
In this prescriptive manual, readers will learn to:
·         Make educated decisions as to whether or not natural hair is right for you.
·         Reach your hair-length goal.
·         Maintain short hair after the “big chop”.
·         Discover hair care regimens to produce strong, healthy hair.
·         Deal with hair loss.
·         Scalp Treatments.
·         How to find the right products for your hair.
And more!
11 printed pages
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