Jonny Gorden

Fairy Tails: Little Red

Mr Wolf is starving! That little hood girl has cupcakes, and he wants them!

All Little Red Riding Hood wants is to be grown up and work with her mother.

When Mrs Rabbit is called to the castle, Red gets the chance to prove how responsible she can be by taking cupcakes to her Granny. But Mr Wolf has other ideas. He hasn't eaten for days, and will do almost anything to get his hands on one of Mrs Rabbit's famous cupcakes.

Can Red deliver the cupcakes safely and show her mother how grown up she is – or will the devious Mr Wolf get those delicious cupcakes all to himself?

The Fairy Tails Series are beautifully illustrated chapter books that will excite 6–9 year old readers. Also perfect for teachers and parents to read aloud to younger children, in the classroom or as a bedtime story.

Notes From the Author:

I wrote the Fairy Tails Series to create updated versions of traditional fairy tales for my children, and children everywhere. Stories that are appropriate for, and relevant to kids today. I hope you have fun exploring more of Mr Wolf's story, and enjoy all the new characters who inhabit the Fairy Tails world.
95 printed pages
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