Kari Kilgore

Joining the Storm

The Storm Builds

Etan Griffith loves his life in Chicago, far from his native Blue Ridge Mountains.

Alex Collins escaped Wisconsin to a career he loves, in a city that welcomes him more than his own family.

Both seek the missing piece to their puzzle.

Dreams and patterns.

Restless and searching.

Then one snowy night sets their shared destiny in motion.

An excerpt from Joining the Storm:

“I never wanted you to know about the dreams,” Etan said. “I feel crazy enough without you confirming it.”

“Crazy isn’t the question,” Alex said, stroking Etan’s hair. “Unless it’s both of us. You missed me saying every word feels true.”

“I don’t even know what the dreams are, Alex. I know I have them, but I never remember a thing. That’s not exactly stable.”

“Well, have a drink and let me enlighten you.”

Etan sat up, managing to keep himself from curling up into a knot of fear again. He drained the whiskey, watching Alex do the same.

“What you tell me in the middle of the night is all about how we can’t stay here much longer. Something bad is going to happen, with the food supply I think, and none of the cities are going to be safe anymore. And we don’t have much time to get ready before we’re trapped along with everyone else who’s not going to make it out.”
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