Peter Wunderlich

Adam and Eve. A Biblical Fantasy

Adam and Eve is loosely based on the Book Of Genesis. It tells the story of what God might be and where He may have come from. It is a story about the creation of Adam and Eve, Heaven, Eden and the Universe. And the birth of original sin.Adam and Eve are awaiting the 'joining' that will unite them, Heaven and Eden. Eve is visited by Lucifer who has been corrupted by Satan. He tries to persuade her to go to Eden with him. Lucifer visits the Low Land and recruits an army from the discontented Variants that live there. Lucifer and his army attack Heaven. The Angel Michael leads an army against Lucifer. Lucifer then bursts into Gods chamber with his army. God shows Lucifer true power. He restores Heaven and brings all those who perished in the battle back to life. Lucifer's soldiers are bound in chains and so are those in the chamber with him. Lucifer attacks God. Adam and Eve enter Gods throne area, but so does Lucifer. There is a huge explosion which rips through Heaven. This is followed by an even mightier Big Bang which tears the planet into billions of fragments.The birth of the universe and planet Earth have begun. Adam and Eve find themselves in Eden. Eve is angry with God and this allows Lucifer to break from his chains in the pit and walk free in Eden. Eve wonders off and finds the tree of knowledge. Lucifer persuades her to eat the apple. Lucifer takes her forcefully. Eve finds Adam. She persuades him to eat the apple. Eve becomes pregnant and gives birth to twins, Cain and Abel. Cain is Lucifer's child, Abel is Adam's. Cain is possessed of Satan's evil and he goes off to kill his brother. God appears to Cain and accuses him of Abel's murder and Abel is banished to the East where he raises an army from the people who are followers of Lucifer. God tells Adam to go to the West and raise an army from His people there. The two armies do battle and Cain is victorious. God appears and hands over the rule of the planet to Lucifer and then He leaves.
166 printed pages



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