Joseph Szala

Stop Blasting My Mama

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The customer is not an idiot. She's your wife. She's also your mother and mine. So when we talk about email marketing why do we constantly talk about “blasting” them? “Stop Blasting My Mama” seeks to stop this terminology dead in its tracks by replacing it with an understanding of the power of email marketing, how it works, and how to create successful strategies for your restaurant. It's time to make email marketing succeed for your restaurant. Stop blasting my mama and start seeing results. Are you successfully leveraging email marketing for your restaurant brand? You could be doing it better. While marketers and branding gurus argue over which new social media is making waves, and what guerrilla tactic gets the most traction, one method of marketing continues to perform better than them all: Email Marketing. Yet, this seemingly simple media is often shunned as archaic and dated. The numbers seem to disagree. Email marketing is low cost, high return effort when done properly. Stop Blasting My Mama is the only step-by-step how-to guide book for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, and marketing professionals in charge of restaurant brand marketing. By approaching the ins and outs of why email marketing works, how to set up a system of success, and give the guidelines on planning marketing content appropriately, Stop Blasting My Mama helps even the novice marketer harness the power that email marketing holds.
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