Wiccan Spells for beginners, Naomi Hill
Naomi Hill

Wiccan Spells for beginners

44 printed pages
“Wiccan Spells for beginners” is a book that is written to help the reader to learn about the practice the Wicca. It gives an insight into the history of Wicca, how it all began and what it has evolved to be today. One thing that the author strives to address is the negative stigma that has been attached to this practice. She aims to dispel a lot of the myths that have been attached to this practice over the years. She even has some great samples of spells that persons can use to foster safe travel, good health and prosperity among other things. The text is great for those who are doing research and want to learn about Wicca and also for those who are interested in practicing Wicca and wish to learn a bit about it before getting into it. The book is extremely informative and is a great read.
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Wiccans usually endorse moral dependence, rejecting labels like “good” and “bad” and “right” or “wrong.” Wicca has one basic rule that they go by and it basically says do what you want, just don't hurt anyone while doing it.
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