Linda Anderson

Joy Guide

Enrich your life with the information, anecdotes, and humor found in The Joy Guide: Keys to Happiness, Health, and Prosperity, written from a Christian perspective by Linda Slaton Anderson and Seth C. Anderson. Explore such topics as happiness, friendship, love, forgiveness, health, and finance; and discover how they can help you to find a full and rewarding life. The Andersons have also included the results of intriguing yet practical research, such as the effects of church attendance on longevity, the health benefits of laughter, the impact of money on happiness, and much more. By making the Scriptures come alive with practical applications for daily living, the Andersons have developed a great resource for group discussions, such as Bible study programs, book clubs, Sunday school, and Christian formation classes. A suggested format for group discussion is included in the last chapter of the book. In weaving the Christian wisdom of the ages with the findings of modern research, The Joy Guide seeks to enhance the quality of your daily life and provide you with tools necessary to build a joyful future for you and your family.
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