Eliza Gordon

Love Just Clicks

Frankie Hawes is happy to shrink into the background and play personal assistant to her superstar-photographer father and prodigy older brother. But when bad luck and bad timing collide, Frankie has to dust off her photography skills and head north to shoot the Meyer-Nelson wedding at the picturesque Revelation Cove in British Columbia.

It’s one thing to take Instagram pics of neighborhood dogs, but unless an Alaskan malamute wanders into the bridal portraits, Frankie fears the worst. Enter wedding guest Sam McKenzie, childhood friend turned handsome bachelor, who brings with him the tricks he learned hanging around the Hawes family, including how to manage the abrasive bridezilla who happens to be an old bully from their shared past.

Reuniting with Sam helps Frankie see that her black-and-white existence on the sidelines has the potential to snap into high resolution—if only she’d allow it. As feelings grow between the pair and Frankie juggles the business during a family emergency, she realizes that maybe it’s time for her to pull focus in her own life.
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