Cathryn Cooper,Emily Dubberley,Jim Baker,Sommer Marsden,Lynn Lake,Jeremy Edwards,Landon Dixon,Miranda Forbes,Roger Frank Selby,Carmel Lockyer,Jade Taylor,J. Manx,Chloe Devlin,Sally Quilford,Judith Roycroft,Nicky B,Cathy King,Kaycie Wolfe

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Editor Miranda Forbes has chosen twenty red hot short stories from the sexiest erotic writers around – they are certain to satisfy!

'Begging for It' by Emily Dubberley
When she meets Jake in a Japanese language class he wants to take advantage of her, but he has unwittingly met his match. She invites him home and changes into her Domme gear. He is aroused and curious, and when she binds him and orders him to use his mouth to pleasure her, he obeys eagerly. After he brings her to climax, will she return the favour? Not so fast. Any reward he gets from her has to be earned.

'The Fitting Room' by Roger Frank Selby
Laetitia, a lingerie saleslady, wonders if her last boyfriend was right when he called her “frigid.” Then Mr. and Mrs. Brown come into the shop to find something special for the Mrs. to wear. Laetitia lets the older woman try on her own custom-made bra, and it fits perfectly. Mr. Brown enjoys the sight of Laetitia's firm young breasts, and before long, Laetitia and the Browns are the best of friends. Unfortunately, Laetitia's supervisor returns just in time to be appalled. How will Laetitia find her new friends when she is without a job and they have been barred from the shop? Where there's a will, there's a way.

'My Immortal' by Sally Quilford
Vicky is a young widow who can't stop grieving for her husband James, who died too soon. Spending Christmas in the cottage in Derbyshire where she and James had so much pleasure, she feels a familiar touch and encourages her unseen lover to keep going. Vicky learns that the touching only happens occasionally. On the train home, she meets a warm, sensuous man who is very willing to give her what she needs. Vicky is not ready to form a new relationship, but she knows that she needs to rejoin the living.

'Ladies" Circle' by Kaycie Wolfe
Kate would love to fit in with her new neighbours, the chic ladies of Eden Court Village. Then she discovers her husband Stephen's affair with another woman. How dare he? She gives him a choice: he may leave at once, or submit to her in every way for one month to win back her trust. Kate loves showing off her nearly-naked man-servant to her women friends, and they love watching him perform on command.

'Lorelei's Day of Play' by Chloe Devlin

Lorelei is left alone too often when her husband Charles leaves town on business. Just as she is about to meet the realtor about buying a new house, her neighbours Gina and Martin come over to offer her a bit of distraction! Both of them show Lorelei some exciting activites she has never tried before. And best of all, they plan to help her welcome Charles home.

'Birthday Blues' by Judith Roycroft
Amber's friend Nikki had promised her a birthday present which would be delivered to her door, but Amber never suspected that it would be a well-muscled young man who would strip off his clothes to music. When he invites her to touch him, she accepts. She can hardly believe her luck when she learns that he is allowed to have sex with a customer, and he carries condoms with him.

'Two of a Kind' by J. Manx
Cathy is unsure of what to expect when she applies for a job. Her daughter has started school, and Cathy is divorced. She is attracted to her new supervisor, the ruggedly handsome Paul. Then she meets Peter, his identical twin! How can she desire two men at once? She quickly gets promoted to marketing director, and her two bosses invite her to their shared house for dinner. Cathy doesn't want a kinky fling, and she finds out just how emotionally satisfying a menage can be.

'Bathing Minerva' by Jeremy Edwards
Gary enjoys a lunch meeting with two female co-workers in a Japanese restaurant. Minerva jokingly wonders aloud if the women's lavatory has a bidet. For the rest of the day, Gary can't stop imagining Minerva straddling a jet of water, enjoying an internal cleansing. He invites her to his home, and finds her very receptive to some clever moves with a wet silk necktie. For the meanwhile, watching her arousal is all the pleasure Gary needs.

'Darling' by Sommer Marsden
'Darling' is their favourite song by their favourite band. Alice and Ken celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary by going to an outdoor rock concert where the music seduces them, just as it did before. Under a blanket, surrounded by other fans, Alice and Ken get into the mood and out of their clothes. And when the band plays 'Darling' as an encore, they both come to a rousing conclusion.

'Railway Signals' by J. Manx
The female narrator hates commuting on a crowded train from her home in the suburbs to her job in the city. The other passengers are so rude and pushy! A polite man in the crowd attracts her attention, and she notices how handsome he is. To her delight, she sees him again the next day. Before long, she is dressing to please him, even though they have never exchanged names. One day, he squeezes against her, and she lets his hands roam over her body. She finds the hardness at his crotch, and brings him relief. He asks if she will be on the same train the next day. She wouldn't miss it!

'Pants on Fire' by Sommer Marsden
Michelle loves the first warm day of spring. She teases her husband Marc by telling him that warm weather gives him a craving to grill food on the barbecue. Is this true? When he touches her exposed skin, both of them heat up, and they can't resist each other. Does Marc tell the truth about what he wants? Does Michelle know him as well as she thinks she does? They both reveal themselves to be liars, but finding the truth is always a pleasure.

'New Boots' by Carmel Lockyer
Sandy can't resist the cowboy boots that her man Bradley's sister brought back for him from Texas. Bradley won't wear them and they are too large for Sandy, but when she sells them on e-Bay, she discovers boots in many styles and sizes, and buys a sexy pair of black leather boots for herself. The boots bring out a new side of Sandy, and Bradley learns that he likes being ridden.

'On the Carpet' by Cathy King
When Neve starts work at the carpet warehouse, she meets Fran, her well-built co-worker, and the two male owners, James and Ben. When a buyer from a department store insists on speaking to “the lovely Fran,” Neve goes looking for her and is shocked to find her on all fours on one of the carpets, being pounded by James while Ben fills her mouth. Beverley, the supervisor and James's sister, has suspicions. She tells Neve to help Fran count stock to find some missing carpets, but Fran has other ideas. Neve soon willingly joins Fran in her sexy games with the owners, and she learns how new carpets can be ruined. It's only a matter of time before the secret comes out.

'Canadian Postcard' by Lynn Lake
Canada is a vast country, but the female narrator decides to travel across it, east to west, after graduating from high school. On one unforgettable night in a youth hostel in St. John's, Newfoundland, she watches her Canadian roommate Robert show an English visitor, Brenda, what he can do. The narrator touches herself as she watches, and all three enjoy the new experience.

'Spanked to Her Senses' by Jim Baker

Alistair Dawson is a successful man in Australia, but his wife Sue was bitterly disappointed to learn about his affair with Dominique, a worldly Frenchwoman. Desperate to save her marriage, Sue arranges a holiday for herself, Alistair and their seventeen-year-old son. On the plane, Sue can't help remembering Steve, the man she met in a bar after discovering Alistair's affair. Sue had never forgotten being spanked once by a boyfriend, and when she asked Steve to spank her, the experience was as thrilling as she remembered. When Alistair gets a message from Dominique, Sue decides to stop trying to patch up her marriage for the sake of her son. She chooses what she wants.

'Strangers on a Bus' by Nicky B.
Cheryl likes to wear clothes that let her feel fresh air on her skin, but she doesn't like the presumptuous looks she gets from strange men. When a bold woman on a bus locks eyes with her, Cheryl is surprised by her own reactions. Maybe she is bisexual after all! When the bus stops and the woman stands up, Cheryl think she must be planning to get off, but the stranger has other plans, and she sits beside Cheryl without a word. By the time the seductress leaves without a backward glance, Cheryl is quite willing to flirt with strangers!

'The First Time – The Last Time' by Sally Quilford
It's attraction at first sight when an English woman in the United States agrees to dance with a local man. Living together seems like the logical next step, but is it love? Is she daring enough for him? All too soon, her temporary job comes to an end, and she must return home to England. Their last night together is one to remember, but will she be left with nothing but memories? She wonders if he is really willing to give her up. Sometimes it's just too hard to say good-bye.

'The “What-If” Monster' by Jade Taylor
What if a woman finally finds the man of her dreams? What if he asks her to marry him? And what if his friends plan a «stag' for him on the eve of his wedding? The narrator of this story decides to find out what her fiance is doing with the woman who was hired to dance for him on his last night as a bachelor. The soon-to-be bride realizes that she could create a scene — or she could be part of a scene. 'What-if' questions can lead to some interesting answers!

'Skin Deep' by Cathryn Cooper
Young Francis has been sent to stay with his wealthy relative, the ladies' man Carew. What is it about Francis that troubles Carew so much, especially when Carew is so fond of female flesh? When Carew's friend Priscilla arrives and allows herself to be the centre of attention for Carew and his servant Imran, Carew offers Francis a sexual education. When Francis blushes and refuses to touch the tempting damsel, Carew decides to punish the ungrateful lad. But Francis is not completely averse to a thrashing, and he has a few things to teach his guardian Carew.

'Keeping It Real' by Landon Dixon
'Doctor on the House' is a television program filmed in Vancouver, Canada, and sponsored by FemNet, a network that pays for elective surgery that is not paid for by under the government health care plan. Jake, the camera man, notices that Connie, the host, has a boyish figure: not his type. He is delighted to meet Eva, a woman who wants her enormous breasts reduced. In a pre-show interview, Jake shows her how much he admires her abundant chest. Eva enjoys his attention so much that when she goes to meet the doctor, she tells him she has changed her mind! Connie, however, wants her breasts enlarged.
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