Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds: The Simple Truth: Incorporating Parcels for the Gulf, Lorraine Holloway-White
Lorraine Holloway-White

Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds: The Simple Truth: Incorporating Parcels for the Gulf

301 printed pages
Imagine starting your day just like any other, then because of making a couple of telephone calls, by evening find yourself on television, radio and the front page of newspapers. That is what happened to me in 1991 and for the next few months, life would not be the same.

Picking up the telephone seemed an easy and innocent thing to do, yet that day, it threw me into a life of political intrigue and mystery. Government lies, meeting Princess Diana, going to Buckingham Palace, having dealings with government ministers, being talked about in Parliament for months and so much more is talked of in these pages.

What you read will probably astound you. Living through it was satisfying, frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting, emotional, funny and scary. This is a true story the government never wanted you to hear. Those who have already seen it are astounded and angry at what they have discovered – that our government seemed to have been hiding everything to do with what happened – and still seem to be.
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