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100 Plus Homemade Essential Oil Beauty Recipes

Everyone desires to look beautiful, but do you need to endanger yourself in the process?
Absolutely not! But, sadly that’s what we do when we continuously spend money on commercial beauty products.
The truth is that our bodies aren’t meant for absorbing chemicals that are contained in the various store-bought beauty products we buy from day to day. Granted, they may make you feel great for a while but sooner or later, someone’s got to pay and believe me, it isn’t the manufacturers.
The only way out is to make your own natural hair and skin care products using the number one natural ingredient of our time: Essential oil. A whole range of products such as perfumes, soaps, bath recipes, deodorants, body scrubs, lotion and creams can be created with natural products of which essential oil plays a major part.
In this book, there are over 100 recipes to try your hands on. These simple-to-make but highly effective recipes covers a wide range of beauty treatments. It is extremely fun and absolutely creative. You will not only smell great but look and feel divine.
In This Book You Will Find:
Essential Oils Tips & Safety Precautions
Best Essential Oils to Use for Specific moments
Over 100 Recipes for making all kinds of beauty care products from the comfort of your home.
There is really no need for you to keep searching for ANY alternative to body care, lip care or hair care treatment that you desire. They are all in this book. Buy it now!
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