Kai ner Maa Pitanta

OshunRa and the 7 Dragons of Sekerta

He has the power to bring to life a Zooloochoco Wang Cat! His heart is as strong as the wide ocean waters, and a steady warmth like the rays of Brother Sun. This is the amazing journey of OshunRa who brought joy wherever he went, but his greatest gift was his ability to make real whatever he imagined. It is this gift that threatens a sad queen, imprisoned by anger in her dark chamber who has worked very hard to spread a high standard of gloom throughout the kingdom.
Only OshunRa and his faithful companion Shemsu can save the kingdom including Queen Setusa from a pain like no other— a life where there is no one to care for and no one to be cared by. Make no mistake, the path of OshunRa is the path of love and friendship over the road of anger and sadness because our greatest gifts are the ones that heal the wounds of others. Oshun Ra and the 7 Dragons brings to life the journey of a young boy gifted with a pure heart and powerful imagination. As his destiny unfolds, OshunRa must come face to face with the dreaded dragons of human emotions, to save a kingdom, a queen, and a friend.
42 printed pages
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