Matthieu Jason

Lesbian Stories – The Mistress Toy

Charlene and I had been speaking for quite a long time. The friendship grew out of an online diary and slowly over the period of a year into phone conversation. We had teased one another about “if I ever got my hands on you” and that was about it.

Things change like the weather and suddenly I found myself with business in New York City. I had been there once before as a teenager and though it is no place I would want to live, I was anxious to get back and see how things had changed.

I was currently reading the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King and there were a lot of references to New York in it. I wanted to hit the town while I was up there so I arranged for a few days off after my business would be concluded.

When I told Charlene I would be in the area and asked if we could get together for a lunch or something she said “Ya damn right we will.” I meekly asked if she would be willing to show me around, a real New Yorker tour and she said of course
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