Dragon Meditations, Christian Bullock
Christian Bullock

Dragon Meditations

Dragon Meditations is a book of long guided meditations through the Spirit Realm. This book will teach you the art of meditation and reveal to you some of the mysteries that surround Dragons. In this book you will learn how to befriend a Dragon of your very own. You will learn the ways of the Dragon in all manners of art. From Psychic Growth to Philosophy to Astrology and Druidism. You will even meet a Dragon that teaches Magical Combat. You will learn how to Mind Meld with your Dragon and travel the Other Worldly land of Middle World. There are seven Groves for you to find during your meditations and each Grove will build upon the next giving you insights directly from the Elder Dragons. This book will awaken you to the next level of Spirituality. Dragon Meditations is a book for beginners and the advanced practitioner. This book takes Dragon Meditation further than any other Dragon Book.
Just remember to breathe deeply while you enjoy the Sunset ride atop your very own Dragon!
75 printed pages
Original publication


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