John Nicholson

The Limarni Quest

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Penny Lane is 37, single, and hates her boss and dull Home Office job in equal measure. Nothing looks set to change for her until one New Year’s Eve party turns her life upside down. There, she meets the charming and mysterious Nick. Things seem to be going well, but just a few weeks after meeting, she’s shocked to the core when he’s murdered. She’s even more surprised to find he left a precious package addressed to her with his sister, Adele. A letter inside tells her about Limarni and she must do whatever it takes to keep the contents safe.
Penny and Adele find themselves in great danger, knowing that whoever killed Nick would happily kill them for the package. They are forced into hiding, escaping first to Brussels and later to Liberia. The pair are out of their depth and try to find someone they can trust to help make sense of Limarni and the dangerous situation they’re in. As long as they have the package, the killers, who are only one step behind, will stop at nothing.
Can two quick-thinking women outsmart experienced and deadly agents?
This fast-paced action thriller will keep you hooked until the last page.
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