Anton Chekhov,Nikolai Gogol,Leo Tolstoy,Valery Bryusov,Fyodor Dostoevsky,August Nemo

Big Book of Best Short Stories – Specials – Russia 2

This book contains 25 short stories from 5 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the critic August Nemo, in a collection that will please the literature lovers.The theme of this edition is: Russia.
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This book contains:
Nikolai Gogol:

— The Nose
— The Viy
— The Cloak
— Old-Fashioned Farmers
— The Overcoat
— Memoirs of a Madman
— The Mysterious PortraitAnton Chekhov:

— The Lady With The Little Dog — Ward No. 6 — A Joke
— The Darling
— Kashtanka
— The Black Monk
— In The Ravinein the ravienFyodor Dostoevsky:

— White Nights
— An Honest Thief
— The Christmas Tree and the Wedding
— Notes From Underground
— The Dream of a Ridiculous Man — A Little Hero
— Mr. Prohartchin
Leo Tolstoy:

— God Sees the Truth, But Waits
— Papa Panov's Special Christmas
— Three Questions
— Work, Death and Sickness A Legend
— How Much Land Does a Man Needs?
— The Death of Ivan Ilyich
— Alyosha the Pot
Valery Bryusov:

— The Republic of the Southern Cross.
— The Marble Bust.
— For Herself or for Another.
— In the Mirror.
— Protection.
— The “Bemol” Shop of Stationery.
— Rhea Silvia.
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