Carl Sheffield

The Staff of Ira

Thousands of years have passed since Maoke and Bota created a race of supreme beings, known as natives, who interacted with and observed humanity. Over time both races have evolved, facing many challenges, though humans remain unaware of their superior counterparts.

But a breakthrough arises in the form of Dorn. He is the son of Ira, a native who found comfort in the arms of a human woman. Dorn exists a step beyond DNA and finds himself reborn again and again, coming to Earth many times to live through many lives. With intellect greater than even those other natives can imagine, he seeks to reclaim his place in his home world. But when he falls in love with a human woman on Earth, just as his father had done, it mahy change his destiny forever.

In this science fiction novel, a paragon of an advanced race journeys through life on Earth and finds himself unexpectedly falling in love.

Carl Sheffield was born to a cotton farmer in northwestern Goergia. Like most farmers' sons, he could not wait to leave the farm. He joined the army at a very young age, going to Vietnam and several other countries. After returning home, he drove a truck for forty-two years and then retired to own a restaurant. He currently lives in Rome, Georgia.
235 printed pages
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