From Materialism to Idealism, John O'Loughlin
John O'Loughlin

From Materialism to Idealism

In this book of loosely aphoristic philosophy, textural diagrams are sometimes used to delineate and elucidate complex philosophical propositions which would otherwise lack linear perspective or schematic definition, but the text itself remains by and large self-explanatory as it grapples with a variety of quadruplicities having some connection with a presumption of antitheses between materialism and idealism on the one hand, and naturalism and realism on the other. Hence the title 'From Materialism to Idealism', the cover to which would seem to illustrate, with the use of one of John O'Loughlin's own 'abstract' paintings, the forms appropriate to alpha and omega antitheses or dichotomies between the various elements that constitute the dialectics of this fascinating eBook.
180 printed pages
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