Ross H.Spencer

The Devereaux File

Wisecracking Chicago PI Lacey Lockington gets caught in a dangerous game of international espionage in this gritty, “truly hilarious” mystery (Kirkus Reviews).
Former Chicago police detective Lacey Lockington isn’t much for small talk. But when he hears ex-CIA agent Rufe Devereaux is coming to town, he looks forward to arguing baseball with his old drinking buddy. Unfortunately, Rufe is involved in a more sinister kind of game—one that gets him killed shortly after his arrival. And as Lacey is about to find out, the other players aren’t playing around.
The moment Lacey start investigating, he finds himself chased by the Mafia, the CIA, and a homicidal politician-turned-evangelist. And “help” arrives in the sultry form of a KGB agent named Natasha. He knows he’s in over his head. Because what starts as a search for the truth quickly becomes a desperate race for survival taking him from the gritty bars of Chicago to Miami’s cocaine-filled underbelly and culminating in “a slam-bang ending” (Publishers Weekly).
“Spencer keeps the plot racing with amusing dialogue.” —Publishers Weekly
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