Mary Wood

Write Your Way

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The aim of this book is to demonstrate some self-help writing techniques and offer personal assignments. The idea is to show how writing can have healing value in dealing with day to day life and specific issues that are causing concern. This programme is not exclusively for writers but for anyone who would like to experiment and express themselves through writing.

On completing the book, those taking the suggestions on board will:

Understand how writing helps unblock negative emotionsHave the tools to help overcome future challengesAppreciate that writing is a useful aid to self-development and personal fulfilmentUnderstand how to get rid of anger and guiltBe able to see themselves and their situations more objectivelyHave the ability to create enhanced feeling of gratitude and positive energy

Quite simply, the act of writing things down is magical. The pleasure in writing this book is my belief that people can become more self-aware and sense wellbeing.

Write Your Way is not about burying your head in the sand, repressing feelings or being unconcerned about people and the world around you. On the contrary, it's about the ability to recognise what you can do, letting go of what you can't and recognising the difference.

You can use this book as a means to obtain balance in your life, whatever your situation. It isn't a substitute for medical advice, nor should it be, as the profession has so much to offer. This is another area of support, another way to reflect where you are with your life. If this all sounds rather daunting, think again. Rather than being at the mercy of fate, it means you can make a positive difference to the way you view the world, the way you think and the way you feel.

You have to help yourself though, as self-help means just that, there's no magic wand. But it's working through this process that you will make the most progress. This is where your attitude to life is very important. And it is not so much about what happens to us, what life throws at us but how we react to it. It is learning how we can be proactive rather than reactive to situations that life throws at us.
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