David Gomadza

Tomorrow's World Order THE CONSTITUTION

I have so far dwelt much on what Tomorrow’s World Order stands for and I am sure that this is a new way of thinking something never tried before but something I am sure will work and must work for us to achieve wealth levels never even imagined before. There is a way and we are the only ones with the solutions to all global problems.Above all this is the only new method of doing things and we know the results of all the other alternatives as they are just new versions of the methods they tested and tried on for the past seventy years. I guaranteed you that choosing another political party with all their methods will only repeat what we as a people have been experiencing for the past seventy years since after the Second World War. We as [Tomorrow’s World Order] abbreviated as TWO; We intend to register on the Great Britain register with the intention to contest elections in all England, Scotland, and Wales (Great Britain register).I as the Global Party Officer/ Party Leader [David Gomadza] declare that [Tomorrow’s World Order] party intends to contest elections in UK parliamentary general elections all England, Scotland, and Wales.Through our constitution and the adopted Financial Scheme of [Tomorrow’s World Order], the party has processes in place to comply with the rules that govern the election and financial activities of our party.

OBJECTIVES OF TOMORROW’S WORLD ORDER [GLOBAL] AND TOMORROW’S WORLD ORDER [UK]To introduce a new system of governance both at a local and global scale that emphasizes the printing of new money as the only true source of growth and individual, national and global wealth.To introduce a global leader who is not biased; a leader that represents all mankind and one who is for the people globally, one to lead all nations acting as an overseer and the guiding force with the aim of taking humanity out of the defensive stages where weapons and defense take center stage.To ban global wars, weapons manufacturing, possession, and trading.To ban killings of innocent women and children globally.To ban sanctions that affect the voiceless; women and children.To shift the thinking from austerity: living within your means, to an emphasis on growth giving the people more power in decisions and policies that affect them.
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