Henry Yinghao Zhuang

The Mind Inside Tai Chi

This book has three goals:

To motivate you choose tai chi as a way of improving your health and increasing your happiness for an entire lifetime.
To enliven your practice with or without a formal teacher.
To provide guidance to advance your tai chi practice from a mere act of 'doing' tai chi to a method of “tai chi as a way of following your heart.”

Why tai chi? After more than thirty years of practicing tai chi chuan, author Henry Zhuang shares what has kept him with tai chi for so long, and how tai chi evolved to a rewarding path toward improving life and happiness. Step-by-step, the author presents a clear exploration of the benefits of tai chi. Some benefits are physical (strength, balance, vitality), while others are internal (virtue, courage, harmony). This careful examination will help you answer the first big question, “why should I get involved with tai chi practice.”

What if I already practice tai chi? If you already practice tai chi, you may need a boost to help you stay on track, or help you over a block in your progress. Simply doing the act (aerobics) is not enough. You must find ways to constantly advance your mindset and your physical body. Knowing what this means and how to do it are important tools for keeping tai chi the most rewarding and enjoyable experience in your life, day after day, year after year.

The author will explain for you:

The four spirits of tai chi How tai chi cultivates the mind and improves character
Eight important tips for proper tai chi bodywork
Eight keys to pay attention to when practicing tai chi chuan
The four principles of tai chi chuan
Five mindsets for practicing tai chi chuan
Six points for your tai chi practice so your heart is always in it
Eight imagery/energy drills to help you get your mind / intent in the proper place

All of these will accelerate your skills, and help incorporate tai chi as part of who you are, so you can use “tai chi as a way of following your heart.”
187 printed pages
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