Friedrich Schiller

The Robbers

178 printed pages
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  • Andrija Ilićshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • mettenielsenmettehas quoted3 years ago
    Then do ye have mercy on me, disciples of murder!
  • mettenielsenmettehas quoted3 years ago
    CHARLES. Hold! dare it! Moor's Amelia shall die by no other hand than Moor's. (He strikes her dead.)
  • mettenielsenmettehas quoted3 years ago
    CHARLES (with his eyes fixed on the body). One more pang and all will be over. She is immolated! Now, look on! have you any farther demand? Ye staked a life for me, a life which has ceased to be your own—a life full of infamy and shame! I have sacrificed an angel for you. Now! look upon her! Are you content?

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