Blair Erotica

Seaside Lust

Even on warm Caribbean beaches, Sam can't leave work at home. He and Inga meet May and Rodrigo there—Sam wants May. She's willing enough, but she wants Inga too. So does Rodrigo, who teaches her that hot, unprotected sex on the warm sand, with the moon rising and the tide coming in, make good sex even hotter. Sam goes back to work, and Inga goes on a pirate adventure with her new friends.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Through that afternoon and evening of sex, she sometimes saw a faraway look in his eye, but he pleasured her and took pleasure in her. It seemed he stayed with her.

The next morning, his desire rose with the sun. He led her out onto the patio and when she was on her knees on the sturdy lounge chair, he took her from behind. Then they put on swimsuits. She went to breakfast feeling good as well as hungry.

After breakfast, as they walked on the beach, she noted his eye caressing, his mind tasting the bodies of several of the women on the beach. The beach had an astounding number of beautiful young women who were showing off their bodies. They were sunbathing, playing volleyball, or leaving the water, their wet swimsuits outlining their bodies, brushing wet hair back from their faces in an instinctive and sexy gesture. A fair number were topless, showing tanned breasts; most wore the tiniest of bikinis or a thong. Of course, he would look, just as she looked at the muscular young men in skimpy swimsuits, noting their tight butts and sizing up the bulge of their crotches. Still, she sensed that he was drifting away from her; that already she was losing the focus of his attention.

When they reached a thatched roof bar that used the beach as a floor and offered a few weathered rattan chairs and glass topped tables scattered around in the shade, Sam nodded in that direction. “Let's have a drink,” he said.

They drank in silence, watching the waves and the people enjoying the waves. “Am I boring you?” she wanted to ask, but then stifled the question when she felt his hand on her thigh. That was better, she thought, but then she realized she only had his hand; his mind lingered on a couple playing some sort of Frisbee doubles with another couple at the edge of the water.

“She has strong legs,” he said. “Lovely legs.”

Inga smiled sourly. “Strong legs. Legs that you imagine wrapped around you. But if they were you wouldn't be thinking about her legs anymore.”

He nodded and squeezed her leg. “Her breasts are small, but nicely shaped.”

She sipped her drink as she watched the woman. Yes, she had a lovely body. She also seemed to be with the young dark-haired man. “And the way he touches her suggests that he agrees with you,” she said, watching the man caress the woman's ass.
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