Jack London

The Jacket (Star-Rover)

367 printed pages

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    Ko Kohas quoted3 months ago
    The red wrath always has undone me in all my lives; for the red wrath is my disastrous catastrophic heritage from the time of the slimy things ere the world was prime.
    Larisa Gubaydullinahas quoted2 years ago
    And there, in that dark hole of man’s inhumanity, from dungeon cell to dungeon cell, their mouths against the gratings, the two-score lifers solemnly pledged themselves before God to tell the truth.
    visnikolaevhas quoted5 years ago
    When I started to crawl along the packed gear with which the wagon was laden my mother said in a tired and querulous voice, “Can’t you ever be still a minute, Jesse?”

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