Dustin Scott

Fucking Poetry

Fucking Poetry is a book of working class poetry from the heart and pocket of a talented young poet. This book is the culmination of one and half years of Dustin Scott carrying a notebook in his pocket and writing poems when inspired. This pocket project has produced a raw unapologetic look at life from a loving and spiritual man who isn’t afraid to mix in some cuss words when called for.
Bob “Uncle Bacon” Hurton calls it: Raw and unflinching, love poems for your Post-Post-Modern angst.
If you like poems that have traveled in the artist’s pocket for over a year then you’ll loved these aged and seasoned works from this promising new poet.
21 printed pages
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paperflyplanesshared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading

Very accurate account , of being an artist, and being a slave to the highest creator inside. You don't have a choice when it comes or goes.. When your tired and want to sleep but your heads so full of beautiful / terrifying thoughts, you literally might die, if you do not let them out.

Ac Añana
Ac Añanashared an impression10 months ago
🔮Hidden Depths

Rokishared an impression10 months ago
💩Utter Crap


The mess
The messhas quoted10 months ago
People may fear us but we fear nothing
For we are the clowns
Shas quotedlast year
Confusion is not something I enjoy. I am done pondering the meaning of the universe. I would rather spend more free time with my family and enjoy some cookies along the way.
Manel Abdelaziz
Manel Abdelazizhas quoted8 months ago
I don’t want anyone but you

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