The Cafe Talk Chronicles; In the Beginning, Daniel Bishop
Daniel Bishop

The Cafe Talk Chronicles; In the Beginning

Welcome, this is an Interactive Art Theatre novel, as I'm sure you'll discover inside. Enter the first in a series of scientific fiction that's always mysterious, comical, romantic, adventurous, philosophical, dramatic and exciting. The mind can expand, really, very far. Reach for the Stars! 2123 A.D.: While Anton's engaged in a 'super story' his dangerous past returns, clashing with an uncertain future that spins out of control right before your eyes. His eyes! Thru terrorism and trauma, love and longing, beautiful music, laughter, hope and despair, you might get caught up on one or another concept proposed … regardless, the ore traders from system 3, sector 7 … … “The future, the past, here, there, let us not let the details distract us in regards to the purpose, it's center, and it's pin point.” – Senior Gibrailter, Senior Ambrautosai. Their next adventure will arrive from Sector 7 approximately 2014. At this point in time all things are uncertain. Please Enjoy!
350 printed pages
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