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John Roby

Traditions of Lancashire (The Complete Two-Volume Edition)

National traditions serve to throw light upon ancient and modern mythology; and in many instances they are known to preserve traces of their fabulous descent, as will clearly appear in some of the following selections. It is the same with those of all nations, whether of eastern or western origin, Greek, Scythian, or Kamtschatkan. And hence, among every people just emerged out of a state of barbarism, the same causes lead to the production of similar compositions; and a chain of connection is thus established between the fables of different nations, only varied by clime and custom, sufficient to prove, not merely a degree of harmony, but secret interchanges and communications. Content: SIR TARQUIN THE GOBLIN BUILDERS MAB'S CROSS THE PRIOR OF BURSCOUGH THE EAGLE AND CHILD THE BLACK KNIGHT OF ASHTON FAIR ELLEN OF RADCLIFFE THE ABBOT OF WHALLEY SIR EDWARD STANLEY GEORGE MARSH, THE MARTYR DR DEE, THE ASTROLOGER THE SEER THE EARL OF TYRONE HOGHTON TOWER THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES PART THIRD SIEGE OF LATHOM. RAVEN CASTLE THE PHANTOM VOICE THE BAR-GAIST THE HAUNTED MANOR-HOUSE CLITHEROE CASTLE THE LAST OF THE LACIES THE GREY MAN OF THE WOOD; OR, THE SECRET MINE THE FAIRIES' CHAPEL THE LUCK OF MUNCASTER THE PEEL OF FOULDREY A LEGEND OF BEWSEY THE BLESSING THE DULE UPO' DUN. WINDLESHAW ABBEY CLEGG HALL THE MERMAID OF MARTIN MEER GEORGE FOX THE DEMON OF THE WELL THE SANDS THE RING AND THE CLIFF THE DEAD MAN'S HAND THE LOST FARM THE MAID'S STRATAGEM THE SKULL HOUSE RIVINGTON PIKE MOTHER RED-CAP THE DEATH-PAINTER THE CRYSTAL GOBLET
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