Splitting the Day of the Lord, Wayne Brouwer
Wayne Brouwer

Splitting the Day of the Lord

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As ancient Israel's size and influence declined, her prophets began to increasingly predict a new act from God that would accomplish three things on a global scale: (1) a purifying judgment that would reset the scales of justice and remove the degrading effects of evil; (2) the carving out of a remnant community deeply devoted to Yahweh, expanding to include international participation; and (3) the ushering in of a messianic age in which goodness, harmony, and righteousness would pervade every dimension of life on earth. Jesus' disciples connected the prophetic Day of the Lord with his coming and redemptive work. Yet many questioned whether the full impact was made manifest in Jesus, since wars did not cease, broad judgment on sin and evil was not unleashed, and the full blessings of the predicted messianic age were not evident. Jesus did something that no one had anticipated, however, by splitting the Day of the Lord into two divine acts instead of one. This is what distinguishes Christianity from its Jewish roots, as well as its Islamic successor--neither of which acknowledge this unique aspect of Jesus' person and work, or the reworking of how and when the Day of the Lord would take place.
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