Crossing the River

When we become aware that we are God, we see life differently. For the most of you, you struggle in a raging river of humanity. You are still caught up with the snags of your past. You are caught up with the wounds of your bodies, your neuronets. You are trying to make a crossing, but you are so afraid of being hurt that you hold back, or that you are going to miss something else. So you are caught up on the snags of crossing this river.? When we don't know that we are God, there is one thing we do know, that we are human beings. And that knowingness is so common that we have yet to have a startling realization that when we know that that is what we are, then is it any wonder then that we are part of the snags of life that tear at the flesh, that hook upon it, that we are a part of a life that is so encumbered by the flesh that we are afraid to cross the river? – Ramtha
88 printed pages



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