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Pedro Antonio de Alarcón,Gustavo Adolfo Becquer,Emilia Pardo Bazán,Fernán Caballero,August Nemo,Jose Selgas,Serafin Estebanez Calderon

7 best short stories – Spain

Spanish literature generally refers to literature written in the Spanish language within the territory that presently constitutes the state of Spain. Its development coincides and frequently intersects with that of other literary traditions from regions within the same territory, particularly Catalan literature, Galician intersects as well with Latin, Jewish, and Arabic literary traditions of the Iberian peninsula.
In this book, the critic August Nemo brings to readers a rich selection of seven short stories by Spanish authors.

— The Tall Woman by Pedro Antonio De Alarcon.
— The White Butterfly by Jose Selgas.
— Maese Perez, The Organist by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.
— Moors And Christians by Pedro Antonio De Alarcon.
— Bread Cast Upon The Waters by Fernan Caballero.
— First Love by Emilia Pardo-Bazan.
— An Andalusian Duel by Serafin Estebanez Calderon.
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