C. Orville McLeish

God Wants To Be Your Father

“Good or bad, present or passive, a dad defines us.”

After the passing of his father, the Author reflected upon his father-son relationship…how important his 'Papa' was in shaping his life and the necessity of a close relationship with his heavenly Father.

The Author believes a dad shapes what we become, how we think, how we act, how we feel about ourselves, and how we respond to others. Depending on how you were cared for, mistreated, or just plain ignored, you have come up with your own ideas of what a father is like. Because of this, how you see and perceive your heavenly Father is often dependent upon your relationship with your earthly dad.

God Wants to be Your Father, reveals the journeys of righteousness and rebellion-two roads a person can walk down and how to choose the right path. Discover the pitfalls of compromise and the promises of kingdom living to reset your course for destiny!

The message is so simple, “God wants to be your Father!”
118 printed pages
Original publication



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