Justin T. Bailey

Powers Enhanced

As Garrett’s rapid growth slows down, he finds himself left as a teenager.  In an effort to blend in, and possibly even make some friends, he enrolls at the local high school as a senior.  Between unreliable abilities and new powers that manifest at the worst possible moments, Garrett finds himself a target for Dirk the Jerk, a bully who loves tormenting others.  Garrett’s one bright spot at school is that he has a class with his crush, Celeste Larsen.

Garrett finds acceptance among Celeste and her friends. However, Celeste soon finds herself embroiled in a life-threatening situation that no one could have foreseen.  Garrett will need to do everything in his power to help her, even if it means exposing his secret abilities to the world.

Meanwhile, the dreams from Garrett’s alter-ego, Rett, continue. Forced to flee their last base, Rett and his friends take up residence in a new hideout. They continue to try to find ways to take down the current dictatorship, eventually making a discovery that could change the entire course of the war.

Garrett believes he was put on this earth to do good, but he learns that there are others out there that would only use him for evil.  Will Garrett be able to learn how to control his powers, in order to keep the ones closest to him safe?
355 printed pages
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Justin Bailey
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