David Gomadza

Evelina God's Dilemma Solved

This is book 3 of the Evelina series. Where it all boils down to the ultimate climax after the collision that was set up, in the beginning, materialize here with devastating consequences leaving mankind hanging on a small thread. On the edge of the seat; suspenseful action-packed thriller. The revelation of secrets that existed before this world was created. Fascinating and thrilling. A must-read!

One man and one woman’s quest to solve God’s Dilemma creating the World’s-First powerful leader to rule the whole world based on the idea that God created mankind so that he walks in his footsteps bringing all mankind together as one world. But that means changing the whole system as we know it. Things are even difficult as this means getting rid of all the stubborn leaders and this triggers the conflict between many nations resulting in World War Three. The challenges are from every corner, so as is the danger and threats, with the religious institutions calling this blasphemy. The leaders calling them enemies of the state and the monarchies calling it treason. But one man and one woman remained determined to achieve their goal despite huge obstacles. The sheer realization that mankind alone will never master what is needed when it comes to God on the belief that mankind was created by God so that he fills the gap God left. The idea being that just as we humans spend our fortune $trillion trying to create robots that can think, act, and do like us humans so God created mankind to see if he can master the basics of what it means to be God. It is a challenge but someone must do it because now it is not an option but a MUST because unless one rises to the challenge mankind is heading for disaster; obliteration as the devil is determined to restore his lost kingdom at everyone’s expense. Unstoppable action. A thriller not to miss. Order today.
480 printed pages
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