Dorothy L.Sayers

Whose Body?

Lord Peter Wimsey investigates the sudden appearance of a naked body in the bath of an architect at the same time a noted financier goes missing under strange circumstances. As the case progresses it becomes clear that the two events are linked in some way.
208 printed pages


    Leenashared an impression4 months ago
    👍Worth reading


    Саша Устюжанинаhas quoted7 months ago
    "Then why can't I remember all the medical stuff? It all goes out of my head like a sieve."
    Саша Устюжанинаhas quoted7 months ago
    Lord Peter, escaping from the thraldom of British good form, expressed himself in that language in which sympathy is not condemned to mutism
    Саша Устюжанинаhas quoted7 months ago
    He had a truly terrible manservant—the sort you read about in books—who froze the marrow in your bones with silent criticism.

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