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Christopher Morley

The Haunted Bookshop

“This shop is haunted” reads the sign on the front of the bookshop; not by the ghost of a person from the past, but by the ghosts of all great literature which haunt all libraries and bookstores.
The owner of the bookshop is so focused on his books that he cannot see the unusual things that are going on in his shop. It takes a young advertising salesman who is seeking new business and the daughter of a rich client who has been sent to earn a living for herself in the bookshop to discover the plot that’s brewing amongst the bookshelves.
The Haunted Bookshop is a gentle mystery story which is full of wonderful literary references. It is set in the aftermath of the First World War before the Paris Peace Conference took place in an age where the “Lost and Found” columns are the place to look for significant information.
219 printed pages
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  • Giada Rocchishared an impressionlast year
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up

    Ottimo libro, molto entusiasmante

  • b2023412870shared an impressionlast year

    Kind of boring, but worth the read if you're looking for older books to get interested in. Not the best thing if read, and I mostly just like how !any references to other parks there were. The ending was weird, but understandable all the same


  • klaudiarama08has quoted2 months ago
    The shop had a warm and comfortable obscurity, a kind of drowsy dusk, stabbed here and there by bright cones of yellow light from green-shaded electrics
  • klaudiarama08has quoted2 months ago
    all great literature, in hosts;
    We sell no fakes or trashes.
    Lovers of books are welcome here,
  • Валентинhas quoted6 months ago
    It is intolerable for a human being to go on doing any task as a penance, under duress. No matter what the work is, one must spiritualize it in some way, shatter the old idea of it into bits and rebuild it nearer to the heart’s desire.

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