Wade Carey

A Walk Through the Mall

Four months after his first adventure in A Walk Through The Market, Mick, the ponytailed angel is now on a quest, taking him all over the country to prepare a new team for battles against Satan and his army of darkness.  As the group bonds together, many previously unrevealed secrets are brought to light with shocking clarity.  Once again, Mick’s friend, Wyatt, is at the center of the activities as the revelations demonstrate how the Hunter family has been embroiled in battles with demons for many generations.

Good coffee and comfort food fuel Wyatt and the rest of the group as they experience Mick’s “angel boot camp” at the wonderful Mall of America in the chill of the Minnesota winter.  However, this series of meetings merely sets the stage for a crusade, which carries the new soldiers right into the lion’s den of evil.

In A Walk Through The Mall, Carey & Pfeil have woven together a unique novel that brings to life the battle between good and evil which, as you know, began way back in Genesis.  Have you ever wondered what speaking to an angel would be like?  Could you defend yourself against a demon?  Do you know what the Bible has to say about angels and demons?  If learning lessons from God’s Holy Word while enjoying a gripping story appeals to you, then grab this book.  You’ll learn many scriptural insights, while traveling through a breathtaking journey of unexpected twists and turns.
463 printed pages
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