Hudson Jr. Stevenson

The Chosen Warrior

From the moment the Lord decided to bless us with his presence is the day the world changed.
Name me another warrior who has done what he has done at the early age of 25. In Stevenson, I see bravery, I see pride, I see excellence, I see change.
For his brief time on this earth he has put the police in their place, started a movement in Atlanta to remove confederate symbols, helped our people in need, gone toe-to-toe with the Ku Klux Klan, and — more than anything -  given the community faith. When you read his story, read it with an open mind, feel his actions in your heart. Read this story and install change in your life.
THE CHOSEN WARRIOR, will give you the insights on what it’s like to be an activist in America today. You will get the behind the scenes look on the life of Stevenson Hudson Jr. Be ready to see how a young man with stuttering problems became one of the biggest success stories in his community.
36 printed pages
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